Working with prisoners who have mental health issues

This one-day seminar covers the main psychiatric conditions seen in prisons (Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, ADHD, Suicide risk, Red-flag signs etc).

70% of UK prisoners have 2 or more mental illnesses and 20% of UK prisoners have more than 4 mental disorders (1). 

We will think about one mental health disorder at a time, through group work, teaching from the front, DVD clips, and group discussion of how to handle having people with these issues in a Bible study group setting.

‘Really useful -I have learnt LOTS today, after years of ‘just doing’ the stuff this is SUPER helpful.’ (2)

This seminar has been written by two doctors with experience in working with prisoners and aims to help people involved in prison ministry to recognise the signs of mental illness, and know how to support people with mental illness and learning difficulties in their group

‘We all know more about mental health amongst those in prison now and the team have already had interesting reflections with their increased knowledge.’ (3)

Now available for bookings.

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The charge for this seminar is £10 per head.  We are only able to provide the seminar if enough people come to cover our costs.

We have not sought approval from the Prison Service for this seminar – it does not aim to give you any qualifications to diagnose or treat mental health disorders or suicide risk, but to give the lay-person an increased understanding of the issues.

(1), viewed 1/8/11

(2) Feedback from previous participants

(3) Catherine Simmonds, Head of William Wilberforce Trust Global