Ways to support Time For Change Ministries:


Please pray for TFCM.  If you would like to receive Gillian’s quarterly prayer letter, please email cmt@crosslinks.org.  Previous prayer letters are available at http://crosslinks.org/mission-partners/gillian-pegler

cogsUse our resources

Please use TFCM resources!

cogsPass it on!

Please tell other people involved in Prison or Ex-offender ministry about Time For Change Ministries, and encourage them to use TFCM resources too.

cogsFinancial support

Gillian’s personal finance

Gillian’s ministry is supported by gifts from individuals.  If you would like to support Gillian’s personal finance, please go to http://crosslinks.org/mission-partners/gillian-pegler where you can set up a direct debit or give a one-off donation, or contact Crosslinks cmt@crosslinks.org, quoting ‘Gillian Pegler’.  Or, go to the TFC Stewardship giving page https://www.give.net/20103158/oneoff

If you are eligible to use the Gift Aid scheme, Crosslinks and Stewardship are able to increase the gift that Gillian receives by 25%.

Running costs of Time For Change Ministries

If you would like to support the running costs of Time For Change Ministries, please arrange a bank transfer to:

Sort Code:09-01-28
Account Number: 39540512
Account in the name of G Pegler.
(Such a bank-transfer cannot be Gift Aided, so if you’re able to Gift Aid, please give via Crosslinks as above, and state that you are giving for running costs of TFCM, rather than Gillian’s personal finance)