Philippines 8/4/2015

S6002064We went to the Wea village this morning. S6002062 Mid 2103 there was a mudslide that crushed the houses of a Wea community on the shore and killed 9 children, who were involved in the POC children’s outreach.  POC have since been supporting the families, including helping them to build houses, now up a hill.  A new village has sprung up.


Chrissy and her team meet every Wednesday with the Wea people, and we joined her today.  We spent some time worshipping in Tagalog, and then some of the women spoke about how God is helping them at the moment.  Then I spoke about ‘Hunger for the word of God’, explaining that ‘Word of God’ has 2 meanings – it means ‘the Bible’ and it is a title of Jesus, who is God incarnate.  Louie is my translator.