Press Release

New Bible Study resources available from Time For Change Ministries

Time For Change Ministries offers 3 new Bible Study series, on Luke’s gospel, Romans and James, all written specifically for use with small groups in the prison environment. 

The studies aim to help participants understand the Bible through a series of questions relating to what the passage says, what it means and how this applies to our lives today.  These studies are free to download.

A Prison Chaplain says, referring to the studies in James, ‘It just hit the spot’.

Set up in 2012, Time for Change Ministries provides prison-specific resources that clearly expound the Bible and present the gospel, while taking into account certain factors that specifically affect prisoners. These include the average literacy level of a UK prisoner, prevalent mental health issues, ADHD, emotional and psychological vulnerability, etc.  The result is an interactive and engaging presentation of the Bible.

Time for Change Ministries resources also include the Guilt and Forgiveness Course, an 8 session interactive course which helps prisoners know God’s forgiveness, forgive themselves and forgive others.  Prison Chaplains have been positive: ‘The Guilt and Forgiveness Course has proven invaluable in working with offenders.  It enables them to understand what the reality of forgiveness is… and it opens up to them the idea of being forgiven by God and how this gift is freely given to them in and through Jesus’ death on the cross.  In doing the course I saw offenders really move forward.’

Time For Change Ministries is run by Gillian Pegler who co-wrote the Christianity Explored Prison Edition and Discipleship Explored Prison Edition and is a Chaplain at HMP Cardiff and HMP Prescoed.

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