Bible studies

Please familiarise yourself with the introductory notes for each series.  (These studies were not designed for in-cell or correspondence work).

Old Testament

Old Testament Overview

10 studies to introduce the Old Testament by following the main characters


7 studies on the life of Moses

Moisés – Español

7 estudios acerca de la vida de Moisés


God is faithful despite our unfaithfulness. For a mature group.


Studies from the life of David


Studies from the Psalms

Salmos – Español

Estudios de Salmos

New Testament


Short studies from Luke’s gospel


Bible studies from John’s gospel

Jesus said, ‘I am…’

Bible studies from John’s gospel, looking at Jesus’ ‘I am…’ statements


Unpacking the gospel and areas of discipleship from Romans


10 studies which unpack and apply Ephesians

Colossians and Philemon

7 studies which unpack and apply the letters to the Colossians and Philemon

1 Thessalonians

4 studies on the first letter to the Thessalonians


6 studies from James’ letter


8 studies to try to help you iron out some common misunderstandings

Topic based

Guilt and Forgiveness course stuff

These downloads are NOT STAND-ALONE STUDIES, please only use them in conjunction with the Guilt and Forgiveness course manual


Studies for the weeks before Christmas


Studies for the weeks before Easter


‘What the Bible says about…’, short studies suitable for Christians and non-believers

Freedom from inner prisons

Repentance and belief in Christ brings freedom from sin and death, by the grace of God. But sometimes we still feel trapped in inner prisons. Jesus is the answer to these chains too! These Bible studies aim to help us to begin to address some of these inner prisons.

Stand-alone studies

Stand alone studies (including Halloween study)

SMART goals

Some Bible studies use SMART goals – read here for further information

Studies and prayers for individuals, not groups

These studies have been specifically written for in-cell work, so most people should be able to answer the questions without support and come to some sort of sensible conclusion on their own. Some of the prayers relate specifically to the COVID19 pandemic.

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