The Promised Child

Written specifically for people in prison, this December devotional investigates Old Testament prophecies about the birth of the Christ and how they were fulfilled in the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Promised Child. The final chapters look at New Testament prophecies of Jesus’ second coming – having seen God’s promises about Jesus’ first coming fulfilled, we know we can trust the prophecies about His second coming.  For a sneaky peak, read the introduction and chapter 1.

If you are a Prison Chaplain and would like to order copies (no charge when given to prisoners), please contact me from your work email.

How you can help get this book to prisoners

Copies of The Promised Child are sent as a free gift to prisoners via Prison Chaplaincies. About 3000 copies are sent to UK prisons each year, with some to the Philippines and Peru!

You can help by sponsoring books – a gift of £5 will send a book to 3 prisoners, £10 to 6 prisoners, £20 to 12 prisoners etc.

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What they say…

‘This book grabbed me from the beginning. It opened up my eyes to the fact that Jesus, God’s Son, was foretold hundreds of years before He was born, and helped me to understand my faith in the light of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. Whether you’re already a Christian, or are someone with lots of questions, this is a book that will help you to get to know Jesus, and yourself, in a new light as you look to Jesus and the cross.’

The Rev’d Prebendary Sarah Morris, Managing Chaplain, HMP Drake Hall

‘I highly recommend ‘The Promised Child’. As I read each day, not only was the New Testament wonderfully explained to me but also the Old Testament! Each day was like having another piece of the jigsaw in my hand, bringing the Bible’s bigger picture into clear view. With its down to earth language and good illustrations and its honest approach and punchy challenges, be prepared to receive good insight from the Bible texts used and some great advice for your spiritual life.’

Stephen James, Director of Prison Ministry, Christianity Explored Ministries

‘If I was writing a book for prisoners about Jesus I probably wouldn’t have started with Old Testament prophecy. That startled me. What startled me more was how well it works! These short daily studies give readers all they need to understand the promises made thousands of years ago and how they are fulfilled in Jesus. They don’t linger over context or history but cut to the chase, confronting the reader with relevant, unarguable truth. It’s this energy that gives the book momentum – urging the reader to think it through and then pick up the book again the next day to read more.’

       Mark Gillespie, Communications Manager, Crosslinks

‘One year St Mark’s Gabalfa chose The Promised Child as its recommended Advent reading. People were thrilled to hear that their purchase enabled gifts to prisoners. The clear descriptions and implications of each Promise touched them. The down to earth language and frank challenging explanation set out the responses that needed to be considered and made. Many have re-read it since.’

       Liz Capper, St Mark’s Church Gabalfa, (Church in Wales)

With grateful thanks to all who have financially supported the Book Project so that books can be given to prisoners for free