The Guilt and Forgiveness Course

G&F coverThis course is written specifically for use with prisoners, since issues surrounding guilt and forgiveness are so prevalent in this setting.

The 8 session course is designed to help prisoners think about issues of Guilt and Forgiveness, from a Christian point of view.  It studies the accounts of David, Moses and Peter – people in the Bible who knew what guilt and forgiveness were from personal experience.

A clear Gospel presentation is followed by learning about David’s sin with Bathsheba – lust, adultery, murder – and studying David’s prayers of repentance and assurance of forgiveness.  You will then investigate God’s forgiveness for us, and our need to forgive ourselves and other people.

The course is primarily led on flip-charts, using multiple teaching methods to draw in those with poor attention, and help those with poor literacy or dyslexia while taking care not to harm vulnerable people and is careful to remind participants that they remain responsible for what they have done.  Short talks are scripted and also provided on CD.

Read Session 1 here

The Time For Change Guilt and Forgiveness course has been run in another culture (the Philippines) and language (Tagalog) and it officially crosses culture and language barriers!

The leader’s manual is priced £22 (inc p&p to UK addresses, p&p will vary for overseas addresses).  Please email to order.

Additional downloads necessary to run the course here


‘In my time as a Prison Chaplain, one thing that has come up again and again within one to one conversations that I’ve had with offenders is their difficulty with the whole issue of forgiveness.  At the heart of it is always their inability to accept forgiveness… because of their inability to forgive themselves.  The Guilt and Forgiveness Course has proven invaluable in working with such offenders… Read more (Prison Chaplain)

‘I was amazed at the wonderful success. The women who committed to the course were women that I would never have thought would do so. Usually quiet and reserved I watched them come out of their shells and I was amazed at their openness and willingness to interact. It was a great week. We saw them let go of resentment and set free from the guilt that some had held for many years. God is good!’  (Chrissy Hailes-Perillo)

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