NEW! Eight studies to help participants understand the big picture meaning of Jesus’ Revelation to John

Please note that these studies in Revelation are not suitable for unsupported in-cell work.  This series aims to deal with misunderstandings and going through the material unsupported will reinforce previously held misunderstandings, rather than ironing them out!

Revelation leaders notes

Revelation summary

Please give this to each participant when you begin the series, so they can write a summary of each chapter as you go along

Revelation 1

Jesus in all His glory!

Revelation 2

Jesus’ messages to the churches, part 1

Revelation 3

Jesus’ messages to the churches, part 2

Revelation 4-5

A glimpse into heaven

Revelation 6-11

Seals and Trumpets

Revelation 12-14

Spiritual battle

Revelation 15-20

God’s wrath

Revelation 21-22