God bless the press – a prisoner’s poem

I feel ashamed, I’m feeling sick
The local paper did the trick.
The gossip mongers read with glee
And give their views on what they see.

It’s written down, it must be true
The papers wouldn’t lie to you.
Just stop and think before you say
A hurtful word ‘bout me today.

The illness I was going through
Could just as easily strike you.
And if it does, take it from me
I’m here to help.  Just ask and see.

Don’t be ashamed of how you feel
Depression is the real deal.
Don’t try to hide yourself away
Or leave it till another day.

Tell all your friends and loved ones too
You’ll need their help to pull you through.
And now I’ve got a chance to speak
Depression doesn’t mean you’re weak.

But take whatever help you can
It doesn’t make you less a man.
So now I’d like to thank the press
For giving what I needed most.

A chance to help someone just like you
Who’s suffering from depression too.

With permission