Me and my shadow – a prisoner’s poem

When I pictured my depression there’s always one thing I could seegangster
A 1950’s gangster slowly walking after me.
He would wear a long black overcoat
That would reach down to the floor
His back was broad, his neck was thick
He stood taller than a door.
His wide brimmed hat was pulled down low
Above his soulless eyes
His face carved out of granite
Always void of smiles.

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Religious Freedom – a prisoner’s poem

These walls of bricks and iron bars that a prison do make
Constrain and constrict me physically and my liberty do take.
My soul though belongs to the Lord, so make no mistake
That my spirit nor powers of hell or even Satan himself can break.

For a man seeking liberty leaves prison life only to find
Himself still trapped inside the dark recesses of his own mind.
On the other hand, a man of faith seeking God can plainly see
Though his body is in chains, Jesus sets his heart free.

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‘Guilt and Forgiveness’ – a prisoner’s poem

The pain of guilt is something that no medication can relieve,
the drugs will only blind you, your lack of sight you cannot perceive.
Just embrace the truth of the Gospel, in Jesus repent and believe,
the Father’s arms are open, through His Grace forgiveness you achieve.

The debility of guilt with time will leave you totally incapacitated,
With no amount of alcohol drunk, will your thirst ever be satiated.
The cloud in your head clears, and coldness within is accentuated,
the only Spirit that warms the soul is Holy, and from the Father,
through the Son, forgiveness is radiated.

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