‘Guilt and Forgiveness’ – a prisoner’s poem

The pain of guilt is something that no medication can relieve,
the drugs will only blind you, your lack of sight you cannot perceive.
Just embrace the truth of the Gospel, in Jesus repent and believe,
the Father’s arms are open, through His Grace forgiveness you achieve.

The debility of guilt with time will leave you totally incapacitated,
With no amount of alcohol drunk, will your thirst ever be satiated.
The cloud in your head clears, and coldness within is accentuated,
the only Spirit that warms the soul is Holy, and from the Father,
through the Son, forgiveness is radiated.

The sadness of guilt will drag you down, into the pit of depression,
buried in a hole from which you cannot see, let alone start ascension.
Accept the fault and blame as yours, and darkness enters recession,
Jesus, the light of forgiveness shines bright, whence you’ve learnt confession.

The weight of guilt is a quantum force, immeasurable as infinity,
rely on physical strength to carry it, and you’ll succumb to gravity.
A power beyond our human understanding; the mystery of the trinity,
opens you heart to forgiveness; through Jesus’ true divinity.

The burden of guilt will leave you bogged down in the mud of the mire,
it will attack your will to live, kill all your ambition and desire.
The Father sent his only Son to the cross, for us guilt’s funeral pyre,
For such Love showed us the way to live, to what we should aspire.

The projection of guilt as outward anger, instils hatred and resentment,
but the fire you fuel will burn you, and extinguish all contentment.
Forgiveness, rejuvenation from the Father’s Love, banishes all your guilt,
Forgiveness, by the Blood of the Lamb, on such love the new kingdom is built.

With permission.