Religious Freedom – a prisoner’s poem

These walls of bricks and iron bars that a prison do make
Constrain and constrict me physically and my liberty do take.
My soul though belongs to the Lord, so make no mistake
That my spirit nor powers of hell or even Satan himself can break.

For a man seeking liberty leaves prison life only to find
Himself still trapped inside the dark recesses of his own mind.
On the other hand, a man of faith seeking God can plainly see
Though his body is in chains, Jesus sets his heart free.

So think how much freedom you need, adopt an attitude of frugality
Don’t waste what time you have, concentrate on a life of spirituality.
If you struggle getting to the library during your incarceration
The Chaplain has a book, each page a Road Map to Salvation.

Though I have read ‘The Word’ and I have seen into infinity
My Father has revealed His Love to me, gifted me true liberty.

With permission