Philippines 2017, first week update

2017-03-06 08.25.27We’re halfway through Christianity Explored with a group of 12 women in a local jail. They’re really keen to learn and committed to coming.  We have an excellent translator, Louie, and are really enjoying helping these women to know Who Jesus is, Why he came and What it means to follow him.

We’ve also preached in local jails, in cells and in meeting areas, and have been welcomed bybthe prisoners.  Sarah taught a group of eomen in a prison ‘My God is a great big God’, with the actions yday, and they all joined in, complete with musicians picking up the melody.

2017-03-02 07.46.35The medical team have been very busy in medical mission, providing healhcare for prisoners.  They’ve seen peopke with problems that are common in UK,like high blood pressure and diabetes, but are also seeing some conditions that a GP will rarely see in the UK, all well supervised by Integritas Healthcare.